Mizuuchi Rubber Industries Corporation boasts of the share of the top of Japan with the Rice Hulling Rubber Roll, makes the best use of the technology and the experience, and is selling the industrial rubber rollers and the molded rubber products.

Our strong point is as follows;
1. In “Sponge roll” that our company manufactures, The sponge thickness is from 5 to 30 millimeters ,and the state of foam and the hardness of rubber of the whole face are uniform.
2. We can manufacture the rubber product by using rubber material “Taimax” of our originality development that makes up for the fault of the polyurethane rubber.
3.The quality of “Silicone roll” that our company manufactures is certain.

We can do the rubber mixing in-house , and can respond to the rubber product of various materials and hardness. We can manufacture the rubber covered roller up to three tons in weight, and the molded rubber products. We are always making an effort to send the customer the rubber product of the high quality by the quick turn.

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